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Chongqing Ba'nan district Library

Knowledge is the crystallization of precious stones, and culture is the sheen of precious stones

Reader Guidelines

  • Online library, self-service library, all-weather service
  • Book lending:Monday to Sunday 09:00-20:30
  • Children reading:Monday to Sunday 09:00-20:30
  • Digital Reading:Monday to Sunday 09:00-20:30
  • Every Monday morning Closed.
  • Xia he Road Yudong Street, Ba'nan district #17
  • Contact:bntsg@163.com / 023-66223062

Library Introduce

The library of Chongqing District of Banan city (formerly County Library) was founded in 1912, rebuilt in 1959 in the original county Yudong Town is the first public library, Chongqing city in 1991, the county finance investment in Yudong Town River Road No. 17 building, covers an area of 3.5 mu, building area of 3340 square meters.

The new library was officially opened to readers since May 1, 1993. 365 days a year for free opening to the outside world, opening 60 hours a week.    show detail

Carry out nationwide reading activities to improve the cultural quality of citizens

Electronic Library

Electronic library service platform provides 2 million 200 thousand e-books, digital newspapers, periodicals, 100 thousand minutes of video, the domestic industry of instant data, government information, academic papers, adults and children education, rural health care technology and digital resources.

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Free Opening

June 1, 2012, to protect the people's basic cultural rights and interests of the public, the Banan area within the scope of all public libraries, cultural centers, township cultural stations and street public cultural service center for the masses free opening, for the majority of the people to implement the "zero threshold" service.

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Branch Libraries

In order to further strengthen the construction of the public cultural service system, expand the free opening results, give full play to the library (room) and the role of the masses, our region from 2013 onwards gradually implement the work of public libraries and library construction centerbranch interlibrary loan business.

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Electronic Library
Resource Service Platform

Ba'nan electronic bookstore (Digital Library) was built in 2015 and opening up, the project in accordance with the design concept of "Internet plus public culture", adhering to the "public welfare, basic, equal and convenient" principle, the "three, four screen" (the broadband Internet, mobile network, cable TV network, four the computer screen, mobile phone app, IPTV and digital touch screen) of the multi dimension service model, government agencies, enterprises and institutions, schools and the public to provide information and reference services of digital resources.

Banan Library
cultural lecture series

Ba'nan library lectures, is geared to the needs of the public in ba'nan library open set of social, science and technology, political, cultural, economic and other more than an integrated public lecture. Since founded in 1996, successful workshops 1100 period, the reception of the audience more than 20 people. Heavy figure insist on public welfare, academic lecture, open, inclusive for the purpose, efforts to make the general public and curious for knowledge and information channels, set up leaders, experts, scholars and the general public communication platform, forming a Shared classroom "city" and "citizen class", to enhance people's power of knowledge, the wisdom to show the charm of the city.